Meet Lonnie

I am Lonnie Weaver-Johnson. I love to teach and help people grow; that’s why I’m an Agile trainer and coach. I specialize in teaching Scrum, which is one of several Agile frameworks.

Scrum is a fantastic way to improve projects by increasing visibility, encouraging collaboration between IT and the customer, and improving time to market. Scrum has the power to transform project management across every industry, every business, and even across life in general. By using Scrum, organizations become more Agile, discovering how to react more quickly and respond more accurately to the inevitable change that comes their way.

I’ve taught Scrum to hundreds of folks around the world. In fact, I’ve been doing this for 11 years! When I teach a class, I love engaging the students and leading interactive sessions. I know they get more out of class if they’re actively involved in the sessions, rather than just reading slides and listening to a lecture. That kind of class is so boring!

I’ve coached hundreds of organizations, including many global teams at Fortune 500 companies. I’m also able to apply Scrum in many different industries, including: healthcare, insurance, retail, educational institutions, manufacturing and government.

I’ve been told that my energy is contagious. I think that’s one reason why the non-profit that supports many Scrum trainers, called the Scrum Alliance, has asked me to speak at their Scrum Gathering Conferences. I’ve been a speaker there three times and I really love getting the crowd hyped up and excited about Scrum’s influence and possibilities. My enthusiasm for mentoring and training has lead me to be a participant in a local group called the Agile Experience Group – Minnesota.

Scrum isn’t just a day job. I am the mother of two beautiful daughters, and raising them is truly my most rewarding work. In raising them, it was natural to teach them how to Scrum projects. The Scrum Alliance included an article in their 2016 members-only magazine, Agile Vox, called “Becoming Agile: Three Journeys,” and in it one of my daughters talks about using sticky notes and a task board to organize events and manage chores. It’s a fun article and I’m happy that my girls found Scrum to be useful through their college experiences, too!

You might be wondering why I’m in a photo with this very handsome dog. Well, I’m a big fan of volunteering and even though my work takes me on the road, I try to volunteer with local animal rescue groups in my hometown, Minneapolis, Minnesota. I help dogs find their forever homes. I also provide  foster care for dogs. And, of course, we have adopted two wonderful four-legged “kids”. So, if you see lots of Tweets about pet adoptions and advocating for animal rights on my Twitter stream, you’ll see that – besides my family and my love of Agile – my next passion is caring for unwanted, overbred and mistreated animals.