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Lonnie featured in the Scrum Alliance’s magazine AgileVox 

Lonnie’s journey toward becoming a Scrum coach is highlighted in the AgileVox article “Becoming Agile: Three Journeys”.  Author Sara Harrar writes, “Think of the journeys of Lonnie Weaver-Johnson, Bria Johnson, and Sabine Canditt as an independent film —real, inspiring, and still evolving.”  The piece goes into  everything that inspired these women to become involved in agile training. Lonnie is quoted in the article saying, “Scrum is a natural fit for who I am. It plays to one of my five top strengths: empathy.” Read the digital magazine here.


Photo left: Even at home, Lonnie and her family use the Agile framework to manage events.

Photo right: Lonnie Johnson and daughter Bria were both featured in the article.

Lonnie featured in the Scrum Alliance

Lonnie was  featured in an article for the Scrum Alliance titled “Training Scrum? Try it From the Back of the Room”. In it, Lonnie speaks about the “back of the room” approach and how she has seen it in action through her own experience becoming a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST).

The main principle is to involve the students in their own learning by keeping them interested and moving. This increases oxygen flow to the brain, which is pivotal to the success of this approach. Lonnie discusses specific methods used to accomplish this and really get students engaged. Next, she addresses problems that often arise from this kind of learning structure and goes through coaching techniques to resolve these. Finally, Lonnie shares reviews from students that demonstrate how well the “back of the room” approach has helped them learn.

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